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Top SEO Solutions for Entrepreneurs and Agencies!

Choose the Top if you Want Top SEO Results!

If you are looking for the best SEO solutions for your modern business that move the dial on your conversions, traffic, and sales, then look around and pick the best solutions for your needs.

If you have any questions, we are available to answer your questions.

Professional SEO Services at Every Level of Budgetary Needs

SEO services that are expertly designed for every stage of your business

If you are tired of wasting valuable time and resources, you are in the right place. We have taken our extreme expertise, experience and top education to create a blueprint and plan that lets you know what to do and when to do it.

Our services are designed to assist and magnify your SEO aspirations and goals!

The complete stack and knowledge to succeed at the search engine game

We study and use everything. We are power users and beta testers of software that the market hasn’t even seen yet. WE are constantly testing and refining the tools and tricks that work.

We eliminate the methods and tools that are just hype and don’t move the dial. We know what it takes to succeed and excited to help you!

We have you at every stage of rapid growth, expansion and reputation

Whether you are a startup and firing up your first website, or you are a company that has been around, but not yet sure about SEO, we have the answers and the solutions to help you get to the next horizon.

We assist the business owner directly, as well as the marketing director that needs SEO help and advice.

Our #1 goal is to rank your site where it counts!

Professional SEO Services at Every Level of Budgetary Needs

The only SEO hosting platform where our team of experts focus ranking your site

If you want to rank in the top ten, you cannot use “shared” hosting or plans that don’t include their own IP address and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate.

If you want to rank, consider hosting with us. Our complete focus is SEO ranking. Our SEO hosting is like the “Aston Martin” of SEO hosting. Have a look under the hood!

Advanced SEO training for entrepreneurs and business owners

We know that SEO and marketing has a lot of tools and data. We know that it can get complicated real quick.

This is why it is our mission to assist the entrepreneur and marketing agency to do the impossible. To help you make sense of SEO once and for all and get results!

Agency-Level services and expertise when you are ready to scale your online goals

We do our best to help you help yourself. We want you to feel empowered when it comes to SEO. We want you to be confident when it comes to ranking your website to the traffic listings where it matters.

We want to give you this ultimate SEO Power for your business. Interested?

We have the SEO edge you need on your team!

Imagine “mission impossible” and the players that are best “best of the best” are on your team. That’s what you get with Top SEO Stars. You get the best of the best on your team striving to achieve the impossible. Get to know us better.

Meet the Team

Joey Trend
CEO, Dir Of Business Development

One of the largest voices on Twitter for Cryptocurrency, Joey now finds himself in a web of tech nerds eager to figure out the world in the least lines of code possible and by discovering how to index at the top!

Joseph Kahn

CTO, head SEO

From the beginnings of Microsoft Project of the Year to Internet Marketer of the Year at the World Internet Summit in 2011, Joseph has scaled the Mount Everest of business challenges.

Dr. Sarah Kahn

COO, Dir of Professional Development

In a world where keywords translate to engagement and emotions, we have a secret weapon on our team in the form of a Dr. of Clinical Psychology. We have the edge, because we understand the searcher’s intent.